Saturday, June 5, 2010

Back into the gym

Five months since the first hip was replaced and it went so well that I don't feel like the hip is holding me back. In fact, I am eager to get back into sweating. Two months back and work and I have gained 15 pounds; this has got to change.

To early to go back to the dojo, 6 month hiatus recommended, and the daily walks aren't getting it done any more. Then during my checkup with the surgeon last week he reminded my that his best recommendation is no martial arts at all. Got me thinking, after the other hip is removed it will be well a over a year that I am functionally off the mat; I can't wait that long to get active and fit again.

Sharon suggested something that honestly had not crossed my mind, join a gym. Boeing, the light went on. Working out at the gym is exactly what I should do. I was a regular for years when I lived in the Bay Area; I really enjoyed pushing myself and continually improving body and discipline.

I joined Anytime Fitness here in Auburn. Three days at the gym and I am feeling good about myself.

They include access to the Anytime Health website with membership. So cool. The software tester in me likes the fitness tracking tools. The athletic trainer in me likes the simple instructional videos on the machines and exercises you may include in your training. The martial artist in me likes the tool for designing and managing a set of workout routines you build for yourself (even an option to have today's planned routine sent to you via email daily.)

The article on the site Anatomy Of A (Proper) Workout triggered my memories of how to make progress. Check it out.