Saturday, September 17, 2011

Visualizing for Results

The Get-It-Done Guy's recent podcasts on visualization sounded like good advice so I'm posting my take on his ideas (so I can find them when I need them.) The right visualization techniques, plural, will move you towards your goals.

Tip #1: Visualize The Process, Not The Outcome

Visualize your efforts/actions as opposed to the end result.

Watch yourself working out or walking around the park.

Tip #2: Visualize From the Third Person

Have someone take pictures of you doing the new actions, use them in your visualizations.

Tip #3: Be Optimistically Realistic

"Stretch goals"

Tip #4: Make a Step-by-Step Plan

If your goal is to work out more, then the first step in the plan will be to get off the couch and stand up.

Tip #5: Publicly Declare Your Goal

If you're not willing to declare your goals then chances are you are not committed enough to actually get anywhere. If friends and family are not supportive of your declaration it is time to widen your circle and find some new friends.

Tip #6: Track Your Progress. In Writing.

What gets measured improves.

Review your progress weekly, you really have gotten somewhere different.

Track the effort.

Track the accomplishment and the rewards granted.

Review the history when you need a pat on the back.

Tip #7: Reward Yourself

Rewards for the actions towards the goal, don't hold back rewards until the goal itself is achieved.

My mind goes straight to food so I need to think of activities as rewards (as Stever suggests.) Experiences make us happier than things so use special experiences as rewards.

Make a written list of rewards.

References Visualizing for Results, Part 1, by Stever Robbins. Visualizing for Results, Part 2, by Stever Robbins. End Procrastination with Action Days, by Stever Robbins.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Left Hip, 3 Months

Three months since the left hip was replace and all continues forward as expected.

Healing seems a bit farther along compared to last year's right hip replacement. Didn't have the swelling and bruising issues this time.

Physically I have regressed over the last 2 weeks because I have been going to work and not having the energy to exercise at the gym. Walking in 15 minute sessions during the work day seems to work when I make the time. Weight bearing is not quite 100% on the left leg probably because I weigh too much. As the pounds come off the leg feels better.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Education in Software Testing

There is no better or insightful instruction on software testing then this black box system testing course. Skip the course introduction and start at 6:30 minutes into the video were the lecture gets going.

The second part of the lecture is a great introduction to software testing. If you are not particularly interested the the course mechanics, skip forward to 2:24 minutes into the video.