Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kanban in Agile Development

Just read an interesting article on Kanban, a Japanese manufacturing technology that has been applied to software development. Specifically applied to agile development teams.

The author of the article in Better Software, David J. Anderson, has a blog posting on Kanban in Action.

This is something to consider for agile teams that are struggling with breaking tasks down into one or two week iteration blocks. Eliminates the estimation, focus on delivering what is needed when it is needs in relation to everything else in the backlog.

If the customer simply wants as much as they can get as soon as it is available then this would work. But if the customer must know what is going to be delivered 6 months from now it may not be the way to go IMHO.

With only 20 minutes exposure to the concept my HO is not worth very much. I'm just posting this so that I can find it should I ever need the concept at some point.

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