Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hip, 3 months

Three months post-op all continues to go well.

Back to working my regular full time job in Benicia. 90 mile commute each way, five days a week. The first week was tiring but the end of the second week back to the normal work related fatigue. I realize that the 2-3 hour Friday commute home is exhausting because I have to pay close attention to the road the whole time, no day dreaming or down time.

I have not use the cane for over a month. For longer periods I forget that I have had the surgery. But the handicap parking is great and I use it whenever I can (need to open car door all the way to get in and out, not enough space in the standard parking space.)

Continue with the walks. Sharon and I have started doing weekend hikes again.

Haven't been to physical therapy since early March. Do the stretches on my own and a lot of walking (30 -60 minutes per day).

Full weight barring on the right leg without reservations. Not feeling tentative about anything any more. I'm sure I'll be able to continue Karate and Jujitsu without a problem come July. Looking forward to doing a lot of dance classes at band camp this summer as well.

The adhesions created by the incision are essentially gone. Bruising is gone and the bundle in my inguinal crease is gone. Just a nice clean scar with a cool indentation.

Putting on my right sock is my biggest obstacle. This weekend I was able to do it without assistance.

PS-Looking forward to replacing the left hip in the fall.

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Sharon said...

Does this mean I'm fired from sock assistance? I don't mind. I'll make you extra oatmeal instead.