Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hip, 6 months

I passed the six month mark with the new right hip and still not kicking. Start kicking on Saturday with the first Karate workout since surgery. The Doctor said wait six months before getting back on the mat and I am following his advise. Honestly at 3 months I felt like I could start working out again but now that I see what 6 months of healing is like I agree that half a year is sound advise.

Really looking forward to getting on the mat again. For weeks I had been planning on starting the first Saturday after the 6 month mark. But I learned from Kyoshi Ron Joslin at the 4th of July Auburn Fairgrounds that the dojo would be closed for the annual K.I.A.I. Grand National. I start this weekend; new hip, new dojo facilities.

On the six month anniversary I execised for 3 1/2 hours, until I started limping from the OA in the left/organic hip. Right hip not an issue at all :)

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