Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Left Hip Replacement

Seventeen months after getting my right hip replace the left hip was replaced. Surgery went well and the recovery seems easier the second time around. I believe both recoveries are clinically similar but my mind is much more at ease with the whole "cutting off my leg and installing Terminator parts" thing.

The Tri-Lock® bone preservation stem that is in the right leg was again used for the left leg. See my blog on Co-Cr-Mo for details on the metallurgy.

The right is was an all metal Pinnacle® with Ultamet® metal-on-metal solution (no longer available.) The left hip is the Pinnacle® with AltrX a moderately cross-linked polyethylene bearing against a ceramic lined acetabular cup (picture shows Tri-Lock with AltrX.)

No glue, screws or wires used in either hip. The right hip incision was closed with staples that left a cool Frankenstein scar. The left hip incision has no visible sutures and was closed with Steri-Stipes; nothing needed to be removed post-surgery.

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