Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ian Lambe Low Whistle

I play an Ian Lambe low D whistle that I discovered in Galway on our first trip to Ireland.Ian Lambe logo I wanted to get a low whistle and I had heard how hard they are to play but I love the tone and find the range more my style than the high D whistles. I played all the low whistles they had and the Lambe was the only one that was playable. I got a great low D right off the bat without any difficulties in covering all the holes.

Mr. Lambe keeps a pretty low profile on the web. In fact today is the first time since 2003 that his website came up when I tried the URL. But marketing and distribution channels doesn't do squat to make a fine musical instrument.

To date I have yet to play or hear a better low D whistle then the Ian Lambe I have.

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