Sunday, December 23, 2007

Knife Sharpener

We are going to butterfly a turkey for Christmas so I needed to get a knife sharp enough to cut the back bone out of a 20 pound bird. It just so happend the ATK send some email this weeek that included an article of knife shapeners.

Instead of getting the $150 electric sharpener I went for the bust buy manual recommendation, AccuSharp, only $12.

It works like a charm. You can feel when the knife is sharp, the resistance/drag significantly reduces when it is sharp.

A couple of knives that Sharon says are mine would not sharpen. I done ever remember using them so we threw them away. Now we are going to keep the knifes properly sharp or we won't keep them at all.

The AccuSharp website has instructions for use and even tells you how to swap the working bits around to double the life of the tool. I recommend getting one of these for your kitchen to keep knifes sharp. But if the blade is to far gone either get a new knife or take your good knifes to a professional sharpener to regrind the blade and use the AccuSharp to maintain your cutting edge.

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