Sunday, February 24, 2008

L4yer Cake

Layer Cake is a British gangster film made in 2004, before Daniel Craig was chosen to be the next James Bond.

The film reminded me of Fight Club with its complex plot of interweaving treads; it begs to be viewed multiple times. A good film that could have been fcuk'n fantastic if the first time director had not been able to make the film right away. The constant reworking and tightening of script that comes from first time directors having trouble getting a project going would really have made this project something special. As it is, it is simply good.

The director doesn't like the current trend in movie previews that show the entire film in 90 seconds and give away the six funniest lines. [bravo] He put together a teaser for L4yer Cake that actually teases and doesn't spoil the movie. Jaya says check it out on YouTube.

After watching L4yer Cake you might want to check out Snatch, same intensity with humor.

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