Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hellfire Steaks

I checked out Steven Raichlen's book How to Grill from the library this morning. Same information as ATK's grilling book but it doesn't feel as objective.

Nice information on checking a steak for how much it has cooked, the touch test.

The chapter on How To Grill T-Bone Steaks using the Hellfire Steak recipe.

Prepare the steak with salt and course ground black pepper. Then a lot of dry mustard powder and press into the meat with a fork. Finally, shake on some hot sauce. He uses Tabasco but anything will work. Grill on high heat (2 or 3 Mississippi).

A net search reveled that the rub will come off during cooking. People has used the technique on other meats besides beef. Raichlen recommends this recipe for tuna and salmon steaks as well.

Did I mention that it is spring time? Sharon in the back yard.

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