Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Hunt for Red October

This week I listened to the 1984 unabridged book by Tom Clancy The Hunt for Red October, a great ride.

It has been years since I saw the film so I don't remember very much about it. If I recall correctly is takes a while for the film to reveal what the crew of the Red October are up to. In the book we know the motivations of captain Marko Ramius from the first page. The suspense is figuring out how he is going to do it and will he get away with it.

Very engaging book. I understand that a lot of the naval trade craft was removed in the abridged versions, I found it interesting and informative. If your a geek stay away from abridged copies.

I swear the voice the reader used for Ramius was Russian with a Scottish accent (Sean Connery played the role in the film).

Next we we'll watch the film.

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