Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eye treatment changes

TheraTears is a product line that addresses my eye anomaly.
I have been washing my eye lids with baby shampoo for thirty years. Therapy has changed and we are now recommending using something like SteriLid to cleans and disinfect the lid.
For the next couple of weeks I do a daily 8 minute hot damp compress followed by eye lid massage and expression. Massage with SteriLid twice a day. Orally TheraTears twice a day. The plan is to clean up the oil production and get everything flowing. Once that is achieved the hot compress therapy three or four time a week for life.
It turns out the dry eyes is what causes the discomfort and blindness when driving. Got to ask the ophthalmologist about eye drops as first aid.
My new doctor (David Norcott, O.D.) is at the Auburn EyeCare Associates. Meibomitis is the name of the dis-ease of my lids, meibomian glands. The warm compresses are helping. When it gets really bad keratitis is also seen. We are working on opening up the gland ducts and getting the oil to flow naturally.


1) Sterilid use two times a day for five days. Continue with daily treatment.
2) Warm compress for eight to ten minutes followed by massage of the upper and lower lids (20 second massage).
3) Two capsules of TheraTears Omaga-3.

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