Monday, December 15, 2008

Science inspires weight loss plan

The Scientific American podcast 60-Second Science, Cash Rewards Help Dieters, recently had an article that has inspired me to commit to my own weight loss plan.

Rewards for maintaining a healthy weight.

I may only play video games on days when one or more of the following criteria are met.
  • I maintain my weight from the previous day
  • I weigh less then the previous day
  • I do a cardio workout before play
Rules of game play:
  • Tai Chi practiced
  • Karate katas preformed
  • No food or drink during play (avoid mindless consumption)
  • Pause game when Sharon comes into the room and says the magic word
  • Look at Sharon when the game is paused and she is talking to me
  • Disengage at least once an hour
  • Payment of $10US for every pound of weight reduction is my only source of new games (gifts don't count)
At Sharon's discretion, the above guidelines may be waved for sickness and holidays.

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