Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Parlor Quilt Ideas

The new parlor furniture should be arriving this month. We have been talking about making a quilt for the parlor as a multi-use show piece.

I want to do a really cool, visually interesting, colorful and complex quilt as a wall hanging. We intend to use it to block the light from the front yard on the rare occasions when we want to watch TV during the day. The view is priceless and I don't want to shut it off with curtains.

Here are the ideas so far on how to accomplish the objective of art and occasional window covering.

  • Two panels that hang beside the window, mounted on a stiff board such that they can be set on the window sill to block the light. No curtain rods, just hanging "pictures" that we take off the hooks and place in the window (perhaps hang on hooks over the window).
  • One large piece that is pulled up as celling art most of the time.
  • One piece hanging from a bar across the top that is normally mounted away from the wall in front of the TV (covering the TV) but may be taken down and placed over the window for privacy or watching movies. This is the foo foo "we don't watch television" attitude option what will be a total pain every time you want to sit down for a game or movie.
  • The curtain model, a two piece quilt on a rod that runs all the way to the wall. When open the quilt will be covering the walls beside the window. When closed the wall is exposed and the window covered. So the quilt doesn't gather when open, stays flat for viewing, kind of like the big meat locker doors that are pushed to the side.

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