Friday, April 10, 2009


Nancy Holtz, Arches of Civita di Bagnoregio The AcoustiCelts performed in public for the third time last night at Court House Coffee in Auburn. We are made up of two couples from the Sunday night session. Pete Grant (banjo, dobhro), Phylis Grant (flutes, whistle), Sharon Carl (fiddle, vocals) and myself (bodhran, whistles).

I started the evening using the tipperless hand style that Chris Caswell is teaching me. Good way to warm up. I also used the tipperless technique on softer numbers, especially when only one melody instrument or vocals are being featured.

We played for three hours mostly Celtic/Irish music with some Beatles tunes thrown in for fun. Towards the end as the art crowd thinned out some people and kids started dancing a jig.

This was part of the Placer Arts Counsel Art Walk. Stores and galleries all over downtown Auburn an hosted artist for the evening (see event map). Court House Coffee, the place were Sharon has her Tuesday night knitting group, asked us during our St. Patrick's Day gig there to return in two weeks for the April Art Walk. Glad we did.

Nancy Holtz was the featured artist. I really like her work; especially the ink and water color work hung over the fire place.

We had so much fun that by the end of the evening I had a friction burn on my dampin hand. I put the Chinese burn suave on and it worked so well I hadn't though about the burn until writing this, the next day :).

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Jaya said...

I hear you guys are going to be performing for the other Art Walks this year. June 11, August 13 and October 8.

CU then :)