Thursday, September 10, 2009


If you like European films that allow you to think then check out JCVD (via Netflix).

Please don't read the Netflix description, reviews, the DVD box cover or watch any previews. This film does not fit into a pigeon hole and everything I have see written about it has it wrong. Like many non-Hollywood films, a key element is the disclosure of the story (as opposed to Hollywood movies that follow well understood formulas).

JCVD is NOT an action movie.

JCVD is NOT a comedy.

JCVD is NOT a mixed martial arts blood bath.

JCVD is NOT a romance.

JCVD is NOT predictable.

JCVD is NOT an American movie, English subtitles.

After your have seen it let me know what you think.
That last scene, the coda, kick my ass. Run Lola Run.

TIME Magazine named Jean-Claude Van Damme's performance in the film the second best of the year (after Heath Ledger's The Joker in The Dark Knight). "He deserves not a black belt, but an Oscar®", said TIME Magazine.

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