Friday, January 26, 2007

American's Test Kitchen

Top 10 reasons why I like American's Test Kitchen.
  1. Its a TV show.
  2. All the recipes that I have made turn out well and taste incredible.
  3. It has a couple of Hitchcockian blondes.
  4. They test equipment objectively.
  5. They think like software test engineers.
  6. Quick tips that are useful and make me appear smart when I use them.
  7. Scientific explanations of what is going on with food.
  8. Sharon likes it when I cook for her and the Test Kitchen inspires me.
  9. Cook's magazine compliments it via content and format.
  10. They cook to eat and enjoy both the cooking and the eating. They don't get side tracked attempting to preach diet and nutrition. Or as Jackie says, "Real food that real people eat."

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