Wednesday, January 3, 2007

I am that I am

The 1954 Popeye cartoon Greek Mirthology depicts the fictional origin of spinach consumption in Popeye's family. Popeye's Greek ancestor, Hercules, originally sniffed garlic to gain his supernatural powers. When the evil Brutus removes the scent of the garlic using chlorophyll (an obvious incongruity), Hercules ends up getting punched into a spinach field, and, upon eating the leafy green substance, finds it empowers him many times more than garlic. In the consumption realm, in addition to Allen Canning's Popeye spinach, Popeye Fresh Foods markets bagged, fresh spinach with Popeye characters on the package. However, some have claimed that the "spinach" is in fact marijuana; apparently, "spinach" was a slang term for the drug in the 1930s, much in the way it is called "grass" and "weed" now. [Thanks to the mighty wiki -]

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