Saturday, January 20, 2007

Mushrooms in the House

Nick Ochoa selling mushroom kits at Auburn Farmer's Market, December 2006.
Sharon bought a kit for growing oyster mushrooms in our house at the farmer's market this morning.
The kit comes with a plastic bag, filled with pasteurized straw and spawns and a second outside bag to keep moisture near the mushrooms. The spawn is the starter for the mushroom, the mushroom's tissue is being grown on millet grain as a starter. To make the kit the straw is pasteurized at 180° and cooled down to 80° before inoculating with the white colored mycelium. The directions suggest keeping the kit between 40 to 85°F and misting daily. Indirect sunlight during the day and dark at night.
Sharon setting up the kit.
Following directions, Sharon is misting inside the outside bag (humidity tent) with water each day. Searching for oxygen, the mushrooms are supposed to grow out of the tiny holes in the bag. The little mushrooms take seven to 14 days to get growing. We can expect 35 - 60% of the mushrooms in the first harvest with each subsequent crop being smaller.
It is recommended that you check and harvest your crop twice a day because when they start to mature they go fast. If you develop a green spot on your crop you have over watered. If there is not enough air circulation CO gas may build up and your shrooms will grow a thick base with a small cap like an angry penis.
I think we will start by sauteing the home grown mushrooms with a garlic. In time I'll make a batch of my scalloped potatoes with wild mushrooms. If you need the recipe comment and maybe I will post it for you.
The kits are produced by Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms, (916) 923-6406, Sacramento California.
Mass on our kit.

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