Sunday, March 4, 2007

Home & Garden Show

We went to the Home & Garden Show at Cal Expo on Saturday.

Many of the salesmen pointed out that their products were "Made in USA".

We orders a Little Giant® ladder system for the house. We need it to clean the gutters, hang pictures in the stairwell and wash the windows in the Spring. Besides, my 6' step ladder is not tall enough for me to safely reach the ceilings in the house.

Looked at an attic exhaust fan that caught my eye. It is solar powered and fairly quite. There are a few large passive vents in our roof so we probably don't need a fan to vent the place in the summer. I'll have to go up into the attic this summer and see how hot is gets. We also need to track the shadows of the oak trees on the roof to find the idea location of the fan. In the same booth were some sun tunnels. Yesterday I told the salesman that we had no need for skylights in our new house however, I realized this morning that the hallways and walking closet could benefit for a sun tunnel. Hell, maybe a pair of larger ones in the kitchen.

Sharon fell in love with the wall beds or Murphy beds she saw. One vendor has a couch that the bed folds down over hiding the couch under the bed. There was also a work area the disappeared under a pull down bed.

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