Friday, March 2, 2007

Stone wall with Manzanita

We have been talking about using the rocks on the property to build a short wall along the sidewalk. My idea was to have a flat place to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers that thrive in baking summer sun.

Some of the places we go for walks have Manzanita trees so we got to thinking about using them in the front. They can be pruned to emphasize the clean bark and line of the tree. I like the skeleton nature of the plant in winter; it would look great under up lighting.

Stone wall with Manzanita

Sharon created this image. Isn't her work amazing! I love her and I think I'll keep her.

The picture below shows the manzanita in a more natural setting. If we use it out front we will prune it to accentuate the wood, not so much foliage.

Manzanita in the wild

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