Friday, March 9, 2007


movie poster Saw the new film Zodiac last night with the cool kids from work.

A good film of the police/reporter procedural subgenre. I recommend it if you like thrillers. It is not a slasher or horror picture show.

We drove over to Vallejo to see it. You'll have to read about the case or see the movie in order to appreciate this tidbit.

I'm sure the information in the film are not the complete/correct facts of the case. But we all know that film does not purport to be "real", it tells a story. This story is from the point of view of the cartoonist and guess what, he turns out the be the hero.


March 15-further research has revelled that cartoon boy has selective insight and chooses it ignore information that does not support his believes. Still makes a good movie it's just that much of the information is out of tune with reality or fabricated.

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