Thursday, April 12, 2007

911 from your cell phone

911 calls should only be made when you believe there is an emergency that may require rapid response by authorities or medical personnel. When you call from a pay phone or your home phone (a land line) the 911 operator will programmaticly know the address from where the call is being placed (where you are). In fact, in some cases the operator will also know if there are hazardous material on site and if so which ones.

The cell phone foils this information technology. Granted if you're a pimp or pusher you don't want the man to be able to put the finger on you when you use the phone. But in a medical or security emergency when you want rapid response the security of the cell technology is a negative feature.

Program your local police emergency phone number into your cell phone. By calling this direct land line from your cell phone you will be connected to the local authorities, best able to send help. If you simply dial 911 from the cell phone some operator in a big communications center run by some state agency will pick up the call, figure out where you are calling from by talking with you, then transfer you to the appropriate local police emergency phone (that you neglected to program into your own cell phone). Given that these 911 cell calls are often not answered for several minutes it may well be a very expensive ishewdove.


From a cellular phone in Placer County dial (530) 823-4411

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