Friday, April 20, 2007

Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)

I was forwarded an email this morning that was originally sent to a friend (excerpt below). Thanks, for the pointer to HSS and the information on Arthritis of the Hip - Total Hip Replacement and Other Treatment.

I've learned a new word today, arthroplasty.

I have just been reading your blog again and went off onto Jaya's hip replacement info. Did you know that I had total hip replacement in August of 2002? It was a wonderful success and I wish I had done it sooner instead of suffering so long. Now when people ask me how is my hip, I smilingly answer "What hip?" I had it done by Dr. Paul Pellicci at the Hospital for Special Surgery in NYC. I was off all pain medication within 48 hours after the surgery and went home on the third day, gave up my cane after one week. In three weeks I was driving my car and back in the YMCA pool with my advanced aqua fitness class. They all asked if I had had a face lift because the pain was finally gone. I hadn't realized how awful I must have looked with all that pain. I had heard about him from a lot of friends here in Westport . They all said he is "The Man." Since my personal success I have given his name to a lot of others and all are very happy with their outcomes.

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