Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

Best movie I have ever seen in my life, so far.
Not only was it politically and environmentally relevant but it was funny too.

This summer's comedy hit is based on the Fox network's long running (December 1989 - present) TV cartoon The Simpsons. Not until it made it to the big screen did I realize how much broadcast TV has limited the show's creators. Homer is his true non-PC self, Bart is portrayed as a lonely boy who only wants to be loved by his father, we get to see the Full Monty and Maggie is allowed to say her first word in 19 years.

In addition to the TV show website, the movie site is also worth wasting your time.

Check out this hot new character named Sharon Simpson, Homer's cousin. She looks a lot like my sweetie don't you think? Hot Redhead Sharon Simpson

Don't be so snooty tooty high and mighty, please view this teaser and see if you are emotionally free enough to grok the gestalt, GATES DOS it!

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