Monday, August 20, 2007

Volunteer and change the world

Back when I worked for IntelliGenetics Cindy Brehmer and I worked on IEEE standard 1044. As I recall, one of my contributions was to support the use of the term anomaly over the committee's earlier term "error, fault and failure". This may not seem like a very difficult position to take now but at the time Mr. Data had not yet seeded the English language with the term anomaly.

Because I volunteered to work on the IEEE committee and stuck with it until the end the standard reflects Cindy and my best work and point of view.

Today I discovered the FDA's Glossary for Computer Terms and see that they have adopted my definition (the IEEE definition) of anomaly.

Work for what you believe in and keep at it. Your efforts make a difference and the spokes of the wheel you build do serve to support the universe in ways you will never know.

Thanks to Mr. Bach for the pointer, Unambiguous definition. Check out his short ironic blog entry. :)

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