Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Parts Inventory

At our initial interview Dr. Bergeson said he was planning on using the DePuy ASR total hip.

On the DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. (Johnson & Johnson company) website they list the DePuy ASR™ XL System, I confirmed that this is the specific hip replacement Dr. Bergeson was referring to.

Tri-Lock® Bone Preservation Hip Stem is what Dr. Bergeson is going to put in my femur.

Warnings and Precautions

The following conditions, singularly or concurrently, tend to impose severe loading on the affected hip joint, thereby placing the patient at higher risk for failure of the hemi-hip replacement: Obesity or excessive patient weight, manual labor, active sports participation, high levels of patient activity, likelihood of falls, alcohol or drug addictions and other disabilities, as applicable.

The following conditions singularly or concurrently, tend to adversely affect the fixation of hemi-hip replacement implants: Marked osteoporosis or poor bone stock, metabolic disorders or systemic pharmacological treatments leading to progressive deterioration of solid bone support for the implant (e.g., diabetes mellitus, steroid therapies, immunosuppressive therapies), history of general or local infections, severe deformities leading to impaired fixation or improper positioning of the implant, tumors of the supporting bone structures, allergic reactions to implant materials (e.g., bone cement, metal), tissue reactions to implant corrosion or implant wear debris, disabilities of other joints (e.g., knees and ankles).

This implant should not be used with other manufacturers’ components. Use of components other than those recommended could lead to loosening, wear, fracture during assembly or use, and premature failure.

Adverse Events

Change in position of the prosthetic components, often related to the factors listed in WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS. Early or late loosening of the prosthetic components, often related to factors listed in WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS. Early or late infection. Peripheral neuropathies. Subclinical nerve damage may also occur as a result of surgical trauma. Tissue reactions, osteolysis, and/or implant loosening caused by metallic corrosion, allergic reactions, or metal wear debris or loose cement particles.

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