Monday, January 18, 2010

Hip Cruiser DX

In the hospital they had a basic aluminum walker for me to use. I use to have one at the dojo just like it; four legs, place it in front of you and step forward, pick it up and more it forward again.

Fred and John loaned me a really cool rolling walker, a Nova Cruiser DX model 4202 blue.

The shuffle style is OK when you are putting a lot of weight on the device and moving slowly but by day 3 it was to cumbersome for me. The Cruiser rolls along with fingertip control so it doesn't slow you down when you start booking.

The front wheels piviot 360° while the in-line rear wheels have individual hand brakes.

The brakes work like bicycle brakes, squeeze gently to apply, squeeze hard to lock. In addtion you can push down on the handle and set the parking brake so she wont roll away.

When I first started walking this week I felt like an old lady shuffling around the hospital. Now with the rolling walker I feel like I am an athlete recovering from a good sports injury.

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Auntie J said...

So, the Ferrari of walkers!