Monday, January 4, 2010

Muscle-Sparing Surgical Table

OSI Pro-FX Surgical Table Makes Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery Possible

Muscle-sparing hip replacement surgery designed to diminish post-operative pain and shorten recuperation time. The OSI Pro FX surgical table - an addition to the health system's surgical suite that makes possible the minimally invasive, muscle-sparing hip replacement surgery.

The Pro Fx Hip and Knee Arthoplasty Table table is the only surgical table designed exclusively for hip and knee arthoplasty. This table was designed not only for anterior hip replacement surgery but also for spine and other orthopedic surgeries as well as cardiovascular surgeries.

With a unique capability to position the leg, the table allows the surgeon to replace the hip through a single incision that is placed at the anterior – or front – of the hip. There are numerous benefits to the anterior hip surgery.

Anterior hip replacement surgery spares both nerve and muscle tissue. Patients who have the anterior hip replacement surgery suffer less pain, stay in the hospital less time and can return to normal activity much sooner.

None of the restrictions typically imposed following traditional surgery apply when the anterior approach is used. With this procedure, patients are able to begin walking immediately after surgery. They overwhelmingly experience less pain and are able to forgo narcotics following surgery.

Today's surgeons are improving hip and knee replacement recovery times with a new device called the Hana table. Looking more like a piece of exercise machinery, the Hana table allows doctors to manipulate the patent's legs to avoid extensive muscle tissue damage while better exposing the joint.

The majority of the recovery from the traditional hip replacement is not the bone, but the muscle rejoining the bone”. Ciotola said. Most operating tables, when a patient comes in for a hip replacement surgery, they're lying on their back or more commonly on their side.

That is not the best position for the patient or the doctor, he said. The Hana table, manufactured by OSI Products, features adjustable arms that grip the feet and can be positioned where doctors need them.

Many patients are walking about in just 48 hours after this surgery, he said, and within 10 days are completely free to do whatever they want. In traditional hip replacements, patients can not bend over or cross their legs in a chair for up to two to three months following surgery.

Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital (my hospital) upgraded their table last spring.

"The Hana Table will improve our treatment of hip and knee surgery patients primarily and the Jackson Spinal Table will enhance our capability for spinal surgery," said Dr. Bergeson (my surgeon).

The Hana Table will allow orthopedic surgeons to perform the newer anterior hip replacement procedure which is less invasive than the traditional method. Anterior hip replacement surgery is performed through an incision at the front of the hip, avoiding muscles and tendons to cut through.

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