Friday, January 15, 2010

Settling in after surgery

Settling in after surgery went well. Sharon was great as usual. She anticipated my needs and is always looking for ways to make me comfortable.

Here are a some specifics that we did, hope others will find it helpful.

  • Joined Facebook to keep friends and family informed. Unexpected benefit of support and love from everyone.
  • Used the iPhone to listen to podcasts, Origin of Species, played Bejeweled, research the drugs they were giving me.
  • iPhone alarm set to tell us when the medications are to be administered. (Sharon's cell phone bell was way harsh in the middle of the night, switched to iPhone.)
  • Clipboard to record/log medical events.
  • Record blood pressure every morning
  • Record pain level at each medical event.
  • Weight each morning.
  • New bed with grip-able headboard facilitates moving in bed. I can push and put and lift my body quite easily. The bed is farely high so I don't have far to go from sitting on the edge of the bed to standing, not an issue lowering myself onto the bed. In the hospital it was work to stand up.
  • Moved the furniture in the dining room and music room into the middle so that I can walk a figure eight track without having to stop or turn corners.
  • Sleeping flat on my back is comfortable! What a pleasure to be able to lay in bed for hours on end without the incursion of pain and discomfort.
  • Dean has been sleeping between my leg so I will not need a big foam triangle.
  • Removed all the rugs because they want you to minimize tripping hazards. I like them up because now I can walk from room to room with my kick-ass walker without having to navigate speed bumps.

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