Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hip, 3 weeks

Three weeks post-op all continues to go well.

Staples were removed last week. "No precautions" continues to be the directive.

Started ascending and descending stairs unaided.

Started serious physical therapy yesterday. First the therapist measured the range of motion of the right hip. We need to work on flexibility :)

Continue the exercises I have been doing. Add abduction and adduction exercises against resistance.

Continue with the walks. Suggest walking before doing the exercises to warm the muscles up.

Ice the wound after exercising.

The therapist applied ultra sound and massage to the wound to reduce the spelling/hardness. The next morning the hardness was significantly reduced.

Start breaking down the adhesions created by the incision. Gently massage the scar with lotion or oil in the weeks following any surgical procedure. Adhesions can be minimized by keeping the blood and lymph fluid flowing in the area and by gently breaking them up as they are beginning to form. The objective is to stretch the scar fibers, possibly stimulating the local response to softening the fibers.

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