Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hip, 5 weeks

Five weeks post-op all continues to go well.

I have been forgetting to take the cane when I go out sometimes. For brief periods I forget that I have had the surgery.

Continuing the exercises I have been doing. Add exercise bike and weight training at PT.

Continue with the walks. My normal hilly route took 30 minutes now it is shy of 25. I walked around the baseball diamond on Tuesday for a 45 minute workout, about the limit.

I still ice the wound after physical therapy, but it is no longer needed at other times.

The therapist used ultra sound and massage a few more times to the wound to reduce the swelling/hardness. The hardness is almost completely gone.

I am occasionally working on breaking down the adhesions created by the incision; gently massage the scar with Dit Dar Jau (make your own). Bruising is almost gone and the bundle in my inguinal crease is going away.

Sitting at the computer remains my biggest obstacle, 30 minutes is too long. :(

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