Monday, May 7, 2007


At Karfluki Fest this year I was sitting next to a guy who bought Jay Atwood's solo didgeridoo CD, the back cover had an Om symbol that caught my eye. It has some trance tracks and other meditative pieces so I bought my own copy. Jay signed it Jaya- Dance in the fire!

Jay recommended a DVD for learning the didgeridoo and I took it home with me as well. By bedtime on Sunday night I knew that I would learn to play the didgeridoo. It will sound so bitchin' in our music room with the reverberation and stark decor.

From Jay's website I found The Didgeridoo Store, where I can get a decent student didj. I'm going to get one from India, a fair trade kind of thing, save an Australian eucalyptus tree.

In an article/interview with Jay he stated that one of his favorite musicians is Steven Kent of Trance-Mission, one of my favorite CDs. as well.

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