Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride audio book I started to listen to Rob Reiner reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

This audio book is abridged :(. As a rule I stay away from abridged titles but I didn't know about it when I ordered it from, my NetBooks type service. I hope that now that the CDs and MP3 media are being used for distribution publishers will do less abridged works (to save production/distribution costs???) and focus on the complete books.

First Edition Cover However, after listening to the Introduction to the book I learned that this version of The Princess Bride is not an updated/revised/re-interpreted version of the original early Twentieth century book by Simon Morgenstern [ed. pseudonym of Goldman's] but is the brain child of William Goldman. The question remains, is the book tape an abridged reading of the new book or is the "abridged" there to further the S. Morgenstern myth?

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Max said...

It's an abridged version of Goldman's work. Unfortunately.