Sunday, May 6, 2007

Karfluki Fest 2007

Karfluki Fest 2007 Poster We walked down to the festival a little late because it took a lot longer to cook the pot of chili then anticipate and we weren't in any hurry. We missed the Cinco de Mayo mariachi band (Piel Canela Mariachi Band) that opened the show.

Female form as musical instrument Fishtank Ensemble was playing as we entered the park, sounded like an eclectic saw (musical) from a distance. Fishtank Ensemble is an electric gypsy/Flamenco acoustic group. We loved their high energy music and diverse repertoire. I bought their CD. You can hear an excellent piece of theirs by going to their webpage, sit back and listen. Fishtank played way fast and stayed tight. Their upright bass was good, he made the instrument sing and keep time simultaneously during his solo (to bad Jeff got their to late to hear them). The mentioned that their shamisen player was off in Japan but they kept a mike empty for him. The music they played coupled with the mention of shamisen made me think of this fantastic shamisen player from camp. This one time at bank camp, this really knarly shamisen player and accordion player jammed Stairway to Heaven like nothing you've ever heard. Checking Fishtank's website confirmed my intuition, it's the same guy, Kevin Kmetz. The picture is the back of the lead singer Fabrice Martinez, she is dark, sultry, beautiful mommy with eclectic tastes that I would very much like to get to know. After they finished their planned set they kept going for another half hour or so because the organizers said they had the time (and we wanted to hear more:) In this last set of tunes Fabrice played a musical saw and sang. Here vocal range and style is reminiscent of Yma Sumac.

George the Giant is tall, has a medioce sense of humor and is a freak. Said he the employed by Universal Tours but little of his material is suitable for families. He stuck an aquarium air hose in his nose and pulled it out his mouth then used the "straw" to drink from a bottle of milk. Gross, Sharon said she had never seen anything like that before, I told here I'd have to show her how I do it with a nasal catheter, netti kriya, a yoga cleansing technique I use to use regularly. One thing he did that I would like to try, having people stable money to your belly with a staple gun.

The Wicked Tinkers was rousing and fun as usual. A new fave of mine is the sing-along song about a cat name Wallup. See my didgeridoo post that stems from Karfluki Fest.

A lot more to comment on by that is enough for now, TBD (maybe).

May 22, 2007
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