Saturday, September 15, 2007

Films shot in Auburn

Auburn's Black & White Ball is tonight and the theme is James Bond. This got me thinking about some of the films that have been shot in and around Auburn.

That great stunt in XXX, Triple-X, where Vin Diesel's character Zander drives a red vet convertible off the Foresthill Bridge. Many of your hikes grant a view of this stunning bridge. We just watched it again, now that I know the area it is very clear that they actually jumped the car over the side and the stunt man air surfed the slick red Corvette through the air before pulling his parachute.

One of my favorite DVDs is The Hire staring BMW and Clive Owen. The episode where he is transporting the heart for transplant was short at Circle Bridge on Mosquito Ridge Road (not far from the Foresthill Bridge).

Some time after moving to Auburn I bought our own copy of Phenomenon shot in old town Auburn and countryside. I always like the movie and now it is even more sentimental because I know the town.

Auburn was the setting for best selling author Morton Thompson's 1954 novel and film Not as a Stranger. Thompson lived in Auburn after the war and drew the characters from his experiences here.

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