Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Windows XP to iMac port

Yesterday I received my new iMac with a 24 wide screen display. Cool. Before doing much more I want to investigate Move2Mac. Here is my checklist for porting (see also Apple page).
  1. Backup copy of Quicken file
  2. Backup the My Documents onto external disk
  3. Backup cygwin content files onto external disk
  4. Virus scan C: and external disk
  5. Export email contacts as vCards
  6. Run Outlook 2 Mail (O2M) program
  7. Export IE bookmarks

Here is my checklist for importing to iMac.

  1. Download software upgrades
  2. Install iLife
  3. Mount external disk
  4. Copy My Pictures to Pictures
  5. Copy My Videos to Movies
  6. Copy My Music to Music
  7. Copy My Document to Documents
  8. iTunes setup
  9. Sync iPod
  10. Import vCards to Address Book
  11. Configure Mail accounts
  12. Sign up for .Mac
  13. Buy Quicken
  14. Install Microsoft Office software
  15. Install Mozilla Firefox
  16. Import IE bookmarks to Safari
  17. Import IE bookmarks to Firefox

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