Monday, September 17, 2007

Importance of "good" passwords

Poor choice of password. In setting up my new Mac I am making use of the Keychain app to record all the various passwords required in today's networked security aware world.

I am now using more complex site specific passwords that are almost imposable to remember/crack. But since they are all written down in the Keychain I can find and use them as needed. Some I only use once a year.

Gone are the days of running hash tables in my mind, remembering who I was dating when the account was set up, playing 20 questions to have the password changed when I don't remember, getting locked out when I use the "wrong" passwords three times in row, remembering who I was dating the last time I was forced to change the password, what name I assumed at that site, et cetera.


Sharon said...

What? You dated someone besides me?

jaya said...

I don't remember, that's the problem. :(