Sunday, September 2, 2007

Garden Lighting

Dave came by with the draft of the landscape design. I've started thinking about power and lighting. Just found this Outdoor lighting supplies site, brouse it to see what is available. Here are our notes from the Landscape Design Class.
  • Low voltage, not solar
  • defused glass, reduce glare
  • sconces illuminate without getting in your eyes
  • well lights or up lights
  • high quality equipment, Home Depot crap will need replacing is a couple of years
  • plan early, install after plants
  • low voltage wires run under mulch
We are thinking:
  • uplighting the oak outside the master bedroom.
  • moonlight patio from oak
  • accent light on water feature
  • illumine the steps next to the drive way
  • massive shadow out of front planters up side of garage
  • Japanese maple shadow under parlor window
  • uplights along pateo rock wall to highlight stones and grasses
What do we need to do in order to have session outside after dark? Want to see each other but not have to read any music.

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