Monday, November 12, 2007

Pine Bark Restart


A week or so ago I laid out the cut pieces in the final pattern. Sunday I started sewing them together. It became immediately apparent that I was not going to be able to get this thing together in any way shape or form that I will be happy with. The pieces just don't sew together perfectly.

Sharon calmed me down. She suggested that she do the sewing and I feed her the pieces and do the ironing. That worked out nicely.

However, the blocks are not straight. We decided to just sew them all together and then trim the sides to make them "square". I'm going to keep going to learn from the mistakes. Besides, I need something to quilt at the freehand quilting machine class I'm taking at the end of the month.

I just phoned Cabin Fever to ask about help with this project. I talked to Kathy Sanchez who happens to be one of two employees who have experience with the Japanese Puzzle. Kathy offered to help me out if I would drop by the store this Saturday.

She is also teaching a three day class the first weekend in February 2008.

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jannaquil said...

Hi there,
I came across your post when searching for pictures and ideas for Pine Bark or Japanese Puzzle quilts. I also found these directions and thought you might like to take a look:
And here is a picture and a bit of directions too:
Winnipeg, Canada