Friday, November 16, 2007

New German Chocolate Cake

Click to see the real thing. My group at work has a big lunch before Thanksgiving. This year it will be on Tuesday. Here is the email about the event. SQA, Software and Product Support


Thank you all for responding and from the list below I know we'll be having quite a feast. So,

  1. Try to shop early and beat the crowd this weekend
  2. For some of you who are trying out "new" recipe, please taste test your dish and be prepared to execute Plan B
  3. For Brendan who is trying to catch Some Bird out there, please don't get those from the Bay that is soaked in oil
  4. Steve you can bring either Dessert or Drinks or maybe Some Thing
We'll see everyone next Tuesday!!

Side Dish - John (Steamed Veggies), Wendy, Stephen (Stuffing), Paul (Deviled Eggs), Prayrana (Something cool)

Entree - Trevor (Pulled Pork), Brendan (Some Bird), Wayne (Tri Tip), Bart, Mary Ann (Pasta), Andrew (Italian sausage tomato cream pasta)

Salad - Joe

Dessert - Jaya (The"New" German Chocolate Cake), Marie

Drinks - Chris (Coke), Paul (Egg Nog)

Soup - Jason (Potato Leek Soup)


I wanted to try the ATK recipe for German's Chocolate Cake for a few reasons.

  • I have never liked German's Chocolate cakes
  • I don't like things with shredded coconut in it
  • It doesn't taste like chocolate
  • I enjoyed watching the episode, Session 6, on the recipe remodel
  • The changes ATK made to the traditional recipe sound like they are addressing my concerns so maybe I would like their version.
Recipe from American's Test Kitchen.

Jaya's Modifications to the ATK recipe above.

Since I used my new cake pans I lowered the oven temperature 25 ° F as recommended by the manufacturer. The cook time turned out to be 35 minutes, 5 minutes more the ATK said. Most likely it is the altitude of Auburn that lengthened the baking time.

Icing the cake—didn't mix the pecans into the frosting until half the cake was assembled. What I did was spread a quarter of the frosting on the bottom layer and then sprinkled a quarter of the nut on top. Did the same for layer two. Then I mixed the remaining half of the pecans with the remaining icing and completed the cake. So that the top of the cake would look yummy I shorted layer three of icing and put it all on top. Yummm, feed concluded.

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