Monday, February 5, 2007

Empire Mine Walk

We went for a pleasant little walk with Omar, Earin and Dick that originates at the Empire Mine visitor parking in Grass Valley. Gentle sloping trail. There is a walking trails map available at the visitors center but Earin and Dick picked out one not in the brochure. It is a new trail that leads gently down hill from the smaller parking lot across the street from the park buildings. The trail head is at about 11 o'clock when you cross the street. It goes to the west, gently down hill towards Grass Valley, past large piles of stone pushed out of the mines. As you can see below it has become overgrown. Mine waste clearly evident. Mine waste being incorporated into the environment. The hike took about an hour and is suitable for people not use to walking much. Earin and I potted a butterfly with black/dark wings and a bright yellow trailing edge, about a 3 inch wingspan. If she looks up the name I'll update this entry.

After the walk we studies the model of the mine shaft network and browsed the minerals displayed in the gift show.

We will go back and take the tour when we have out of town guests.

After the park we went to Earin and Dick's to watch the Super Bowl. Great game with a very exiting first quarter.

The chili was good. Normally I make it a little to spicy hot but I kept it toned down since I didn't know Dick's heat index.

In addition to the recipe I blogged yesterday, I added a cup of water when it started to simmer. Simmered for four hours stirring every 20 minutes, it never did stick to the bottom of the pan. I let the chili sit on top of the stove over night to cook in its own heat. In the morning it was starting to look and taste like chili but it wasn't done yet. I turned the heat back on low for 3 more hours to complete the breakdown of the beef chunks.

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