Sunday, February 25, 2007

Water Feature Side Effect

The soil was scraped away before the foundation was laid. What was left is the clay subsoil.

When we get a bit of rain the low spots in the property become self evident from the poorly percolating soil resulting in puddles that last for days.

Outside office window You can see were Dave put a drain from the downspout outside the office. Clearly more needs to be done to allow the water to move into it.

Off the porch We were thinking a drain running the length of the house that connects up the two down spouts wouldn't be a bad idea.

Outside master bedroom We'll need to catch all this water and move it into the drainage system so that it doesn't erode along the fence line.

Front of house The erosion control installed in the front of the house is working out quite well. Hardly any soil is on the sidewalk now. Click on the image above to see the erosion in the earth next door. The three pop ups seem to be working just fine.

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