Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quilt Show

The local paper. the Auburn Journal, had a nice article about the show on Thursday. Maybe that is why is was so well attended (the antique show was empty in comparison). Pretty much the only thing at the show were the vendors.
  • I was impressed with The Pincushion from Davis, very nice sets of fabric. I'll go there to select fabric for one of my new projects. It was their fabric of the month program called Sweet Treat®, bundles of coordinated fabric tied up in a satin ribbon, that caught my eye.
  • Patchmaker Barb (Michels) had some nice large print fabric kits that would be good for developing your free hand machine quilting technique. Since the "picture" is printed on the fabric the art/time involves quilting the image. Barb is from Magalia way out from Chico, 530-873-2238. I would like to do what she calls the Napa Harvest (green) quilt/hanging some day. The African Safari would make a great bed cover for a kids room.
  • Of all the books there on quilting there was only one that I considered picking up, Sashiko, by Mary Parker (2002). I really don't have time for a new hobby right now but this is probably the direction my quilting may take.
  • The local shop was the first booth that caught my attention, Cabin Fever Quilt Shoppe. The booth displayed some Japanese fabric so I thought that perhaps they have some experience with the pine bark pattern that I am not working on currently. Evidently both Patty and Cathy have made these quilts and should be able to help me learn how best to assemble the pieces.

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