Monday, February 12, 2007

Landscape Lighting Ideas

Here are a few looks that I think might look good in our space. They are from the Lighting Geek's website.

With all the stucco on surfaces a dramatic washing would be bold and distinctive. Perhaps something up the side of the house to catch the eye of people driving up to the house. The builder stretches the canvas on the frame. We have to complete the design and realization of our home. Adding elements like shutters or wall sculpture should not only fit into the style during the day but their accent at night should also be considered. Japanese maple in the winter is more than a bare tree. In the summer it is beautiful with its delicate red leaves (momiji). In the winter when folks come over for session the same maple will be clearly visible in the dark thanks to the lighting. Lighting can turn the dark looming tree into a focal point outside the bedroom window. Although we will not have a rock house, this kind of even wash could look pretty cool on the stone walls. I am thinking in the running wall in back primarily but we'll have to think about doing it in the front yard.

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