Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pavers for the patio

Did some research into materials for the deck in back. There are a lot of options, most are easily ruled out. Potential materials are:

We are going to go with pavers for these reasons:

  1. Low maintenance
  2. Professional installation, I don't have time/back to do myself
  3. Select color we want
  4. Interesting patten to give the space flow
  5. Flexible dimensions, go around curved wall and water feature
  6. Do it yourself repair
  7. Long life, does not weather
  8. Fire proof
  9. Earthquake resistant, repairable
  10. Not tracked into the house
  11. Not outrageously expensive

I wonder what the cost of running pavers around the house to the drive would be? [Est. 120 linear feet, 3 feet wide, $10-15 per square foot plus stuff comes to about $4ooo-$6000.] It might be a secondary project for another year.


Pacific Outdoor Living, good informational site that explains why you want pavers with professional installation.

A & A Stepping Stone, our local manufacture of pavers, just down the street.

Local library for books on patios, decks and gardens.

Paver estimator widget to figure out what your project is going to need in the way of materials.

Basalite calculator widget is another place to look. Very good specs of different vendors.

Glossary of paver terms.

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