Sunday, July 8, 2007

Water Feature Ideas

We are ready to start planning the hardscape for the house. The water feature ideas we have are listed in this entry, another blog entry will cover paving.

We want a water feature that will generate a little bit of cooling water sound. Not a loud fountain but something more subtle and meditative. We are thinking that it will go against the wall either outside the office window or in the inside corner (see picture). Water feature location

Personally I think a suikinkutsu would be audiosome. And I have always wanted a shishi odoshi in my garden (see photo). I am concerned that the clacking may get annoying in time and bother the neighbors. Perhaps I should install a pin to keep it from dropping and just allow the water to fall into the basin via the bamboo water vestal.

Or maybe just a simple pot with water shooting straight up and falling back in, variable speed motor to control the height/volume. We saw a beautiful ceramic at the spa store today, royal blue carp jumping with its mouth open (two feet tall).

In any case we need to decide upon the location and run the plumbing. I want it to automatically fill and it will use an electric motor so we need to run a water pipe and electricity to the location. If there are no low voltage fountain pumps then we will install an electric outlet that may also be used to plug in radios, bug zappers and such.

In a few years we will install a covered hot tub, just outside the master bedroom window. This will need plumbing, electrical and a cement pad. I don't expect this to impact the landscaping as we have access under the house to this area.

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Sharon & Jaya said...

YouTube now has several videos of Shishi Odoshi, most of which I couldn't stand. To fast to fill, not musical to empty.

aYrZyhfi4Cc is closest to what I am looking for.