Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rain Gutters

K-style root gutter The wild fire mitigation tips say that we should keep the roof and gutters free of debris. I looked into the Rain Helmet type protection systems and they cost $10 to $20.00 per foot installed. We have the k-style gutter pictured.

I don't have that kind of money to spend plus you still need to do maintenance to clear the debris off the roof and clogged gutter protectors. No thanks. I took the money and bought a Little Giant ladder big enough to reach the second story roof. I'll clean them out myself Gates DOS it!

I read a lot about this back in December when we made the decision not to do the fancy solution. There was one place back east that had an interesting design that seamed to be to be very good. All I remember is that I didn't find any negative reviews (but found plenty of negative reviews of the fancy solutions). I'm going to see if I can find that site again and order three inside corners from them. The rest of the gutter I'll going to use the le cheapo Home Depot plastic do-it-yourself covers, $1-2 per foot.

Incidental, it was during the aforementioned research that I came across the idea of taking the money you would have spent to install the ritzy gutter system, invest it in a CD then use the interest to hire a guy to clean the gutters for you when they need it.

eGutter is a place to buy gutter supplies.

What about using rain chains? Perhaps running a hose up into the oak and having rain chain fountain(s) into the suikinkutsu. Ummmh, tinkly.

Eleven things to ask about a gutter protection system.

The Waterloov® leaf guard system could be the one I liked last year.

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