Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Radioactive Redhead

A good friend discovered an author previously unknown to me and sent me a couple of his books. They are the third and fourth books by John Zakour, hardboiled detective science fiction. The book I started reading today is The Radioactive Redhead, 2005. Click on the picture to see the book cover. The reviewers say that there are a lot of inside jokes. I am finding one or two every page. It makes me think about how many I am not seeing. It is a first person novel using a witty internal dialog with his sidekick/friend HARV. This "friend" is an AI program that has been downloaded into his brain (in an earlier book?). I was intrigued by the back cover, hooks by the third page. Finished the first chapter and didn't want to go back to work but I did so I can leave early and get back to the book. So far interesting insights, neat new futuristic lingo, good samurai/gun violence. I have every confidence that the sex will be just as exhilarating (he just rescued a beautiful redhead, ;) ;) say no more).

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